The view from up here is


In such an ordinary way

Seeing the city like this

When I had never given much thought about it before

It’s just so


The tiny lights from buildings and streetlights

So much like stars in a canvas of darkness

And yet so little like the stars above

That we can no longer see


Was it a bad idea

Being up here

When we’re both afraid of heights?


I think

It was worth it

Seeing the view down below

So full of life

A reminder that humanity

Is not always as bad as I think

And being here with you feels


Like I can count on you


Maybe I’d enjoy this more if we weren’t holding on for dear life

Dreading that inevitable moment

Of falling

Losing our grip

Tumbling helplessly

With no one at our side but each other


It never comes


And as we land safely

Back to reality

I sigh


Because that danger

That sensation that things could end

That was


It made me feel



I wish it could last longer

But we’re here for a fun time, not for a long time

So I think

We might as well

Enjoy the ride while we’re still on

Anonymous writer 


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