I don’t know how to feel about long weekends


On the bright side

More time to procrastinate and do whatever



Watch random videos






But it also means

I don’t see you in person

For three or four days

And this physical disconnect

Feels weird

Because even though we have no classes together this year

I can still see you once or twice each day

And those moments

Are nice

When I don’t screw up and blurt out the truth


But the thing is

I tend to talk to you more often

During these long weekdays

Maybe because I’m outside more often

And have new things to share

Maybe because I have more time to think

About random things that aren’t just homework

Or maybe

It’s because I miss you

And I’ll take any chance I get

To speak with you

Even if it’s just on my phone

Words and pictures transmitted electronically

Nothing face to face

Nothing real

Just pixels and thoughts and feelings implied


Nothing real at all

Anonymous Writer


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