Four done, five total

When these are all done

Can I let go?


My heart is racing

As fast as my mind

I can’t think anymore


I wish I could

Just not feel this way

But I can’t stop


So high

Up there

So scared

Of dying

But you

Made it enjoyable


An idea

A gift

So ridiculous

But fun

I should

Think about it


Secrets shared

Thoughts revealed

Giddiness grows

And amplified

Will I

Really do it?


I start to share

Once things die down

More happiness

Can it happen?


And then that game

Then streaks of losing

I guess

That was foreshadowing


A chance to say

A chance to ask

I think

I shouldn’t have


All things go wrong

But some go quicker

When failure feels the



Tension and things unsaid

Making things feel awkward

Something I should have



Then the final blow

It had to come

I accepted it without



All these feelings

All these hopes

All this time I

Knew it’d come

Anonymous Writer


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