it’s curious, i think

to find and explore un

finished buildings

ravaged by time

beaten down by the world

tendrils of ivy and moss

crawling up its walls
the insides empty and

exposed to the outdoors

feeling the wind blow

past as i step out on

the ledge of the roof
cracked concrete still

managing to support

itself like a fallen angel

desperate to return

back to




footsteps echo as I

make my way

down the sheer

vastness of the structure
tracing a hand over

the unfinished mosaics

stained, now, by old

age, it feels so

ruined and broken

but still so beautiful

in its own



the entrance is cold

now, once unused and

forgotten somehow

my hands push open

the door, it feels like

something was missing

and only now

has it been


By: Jasper Chan

Grade 12



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